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Mr M's Woodshop

Small Handled Boards

I call these Sous Chef Boards, because that's how they are used in our kitchen. Mrs M gives one to her assistant chef, and they go dice the garlic or cut the asparagus or whatever ... and then return to Velda with the product of their labor. She then adds the ingredient to whatever she's working on ... and repeat.

These small boards are also used, I know, to cut fruit for after school snacks, or as a sandwich server.

They're small, but flexible.

I make 3 variations. There's a small handled version (the handle is 4" long, 2" across), a long handled version (6" long, 1-1/4" across) and a 2nd long handled version that has a juice groove or crumb catcher on one side. All of these boards have a work surface that's about 8" x 10".