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Pizza Server

Pizza is one of the finest meals one can have. My favorite toppings are MOS: Mushrooms, Onions, Sausage. I learned in college to always get double cheese ... and that's a perfect pizza. In my opinion.

A perfect presentation makes any meal look better, and that perfect presentation will make anything taste better. That's why I started making pizza servers. It's all about the presentation. And, I know some people use these for things other than serving pizza ... appetizers, etc. People get to use their Pizza Server however they might like!

Each Pizza Server has a 17-1/2" round area that's perfect for pizzas up to the traditional XL size. The handle is 6" long, and is drilled for hanging, if you prefer.

Note: my Pizza Servers are not the same thing as pizza peels, which are the thin, blade-edged wooden paddles used to move pizza in and out of the oven,