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Mrs M's Handmade

Mrs M's Board Care Kit

It's how I finish all of my food-ready boards.

The problem, you see, is that over time the soap you will use to clean your boards will leach out the natural oils in the wood. That oil must be replaced, or the board will dry out ... and the wood will soon split.

That's bad. Very bad.

Mrs M's Mineral Oil, with a few drops of lemon essential oil, will keep your board protected for water as well as sweet smelling.

Mrs M's Board Butter is made from mineral oil and locally-harvested beeswax, and is the topcoat on the board to give it an extra layer of protection.

You can't over-oil your board, but it's really not something to obsess over. If you oil your board every month or three, you're probably doing fine. Commercial kitchens that wash their boards many times each night will oil their boards every night, but that's not necessary for typical home use.

Note that the oil & wax should be applied to all of the wood in your kitchen: cutting spatulas, spoons, bowls ... and cutting boards.

Your kit comes with 4 ounces of Mrs M's Mineral Oil, 4 ounces of Mrs M's Board Butter, and instructions on how to apply both.

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