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Mr M's Woodshop

Magic Bottle Openers

For those of you new to the Woodshop, you may be wondering, WHAT IS A MAGIC BOTTLE OPENER? The first picture, at left, is the MBO that hangs on our fridge.


It catches the cap when you open your favorite beverage.


The video link, at left, shows you an MBO in action.

There are 2 kinds of MBOs. In the video you saw a "double magic" MBO: it is magically stuck to the refrigerator, and it magically catches the cap when you open your favorite bottled beverage. I also make a "single magic" MBO, which mounts on your wall or cabinet, and then catches your cap.

I'm using 6 different kinds of bottle opener hardware currently. Colors are matched to the wood to make them pleasing to my eye. Colors are: black, brown bronze, nickel, red bronze, rustic/rusted and stainless steel.

All MBOs are made from hardwood, both domestic & imported. Every MBO comes with a card that identifies the woods used in it. The size is 11" x 5". All MBOs get a hand-rubbed urethane finish, so your magical device is protected from the fizzes and spritzes that can happen when a bottle opens.

All MBOs can be wall mounted. You just remove the 2 short screws holding the bottle opener hardware in place, and you'll find the wood is pre-drilled for a longer screw to be substituted. I include 1-1/4" wood screws with every purchase.

The large batch that just made it to the finish line are shown on Hover over or click on a picture, and you can see the number of the MBO. Wall Mount versions will be numbered "20 - 1xx" and Fridge Mount versions are numbered "20 - 2xx". Choose the one(s) that you like, and give me those number(s) in the notes with your order. That way, you'll get to choose the magic that's just right for you!