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Embrace The Chaos

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We live in trying times. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the chaos.

I make these boards in batches. For these boards, I started with 10 different glue-ups, all different and all asymmetrical. These were all smoothed, sliced and jumbled ... to be glued up again, as end grain boards. I then cut apart and glued back together these same boards 4 more times, with each cut at a different width and different angle.

After a lot of waiting for the glue to cure ... and an inordinate amount of sandpaper, the result is chaos. In that chaos, you'll find 20 species of wood from 4 continents:

  1. Hard Maple, from the USA
  2. Cherry, from the USA
  3. Jatoba, from South America
  4. Padauk, from Africa
  5. Mesquite, from the USA
  6. Yellowheart, from Brazil
  7. Bloodwood, from Africa
  8. Bubinga, from Africa
  9. Jarrah, from Australia
  10. Hickory, from the USA
  11. Oak, from the USA
  12. Sapele, from Africa
  13. Pau Ferro, from South America
  14. Purpleheart, from South America
  15. Osage Orange, from the USA
  16. Chechen, from Central America
  17. Honey Locust, from the USA
  18. Goncalo Alves, from South America
  19. Canarywood, from South America
  20. Black Walnut, from the USA

These one-of-a-kind boards are approximately 13" wide and 18" long. They're 1-1/4" thick. All have routed finger holds, non-skid rubber feet held on with stainless steel screws, and a food-ready finish of mineral oil and a top coat of Mrs M's Board Butter.