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Mr M's Woodshop

Edge Grain Cutting Boards

I start with lumber.

Each individual board is hand-selected as I "pick and process" the pieces that will make up your cutting board. After each piece is sized and smoothed, the boards are then laminated together under pressure.

After an hour in the clamps, the glue must cure for a day. After that, the glue joints are stronger than the wood itself.

I make these classic cutting boards in 2 sizes, 12" x 16" and 14" x 18". All of these boards are 1-1/4" thick, and have non-skid rubber feet on the bottom held on with stainless steel screws. With the routed finger holds, the boards are easy to pick up and move around as needed.

Finish on these boards - and all of my food-contact products - is mineral oil, with a top coat of Mrs M's Board Butter (which is locally-harvested beeswax and mineral oil).

Note that all boards are uniquely made by me, one at a time.

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