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Mr M's Woodshop

5 Section Server

I am in search of the perfect cheese & cracker server. This serving piece may not appear to be one at first glance … which is why these pieces need a second glance.

The front side has 5 sections for your various, uh, food offerings. It could be cubed cheeses, of course, but it could be veggies or chips or olives … whatever.

The 5 Section Servers, though, are made to be used on both sides. When you flip the pieces over, there are no feet to mar the surface, so now you have a nice 14″ square serving piece that would be perfect for charcuterie – or, cheese & crackers.

Of course.

All I’m doing is giving people options. Then, they get to choose!

Each piece is 1-1/8″ thick, and is routed 3/4″ deep … leaving a 3/8″ thick bottom. The pieces are therefore very light to handle. Note these are not cutting boards: even though the flip side is flat and could be used for cutting, since it is so thin it would not hold up well to energetic chopping. For charcuterie, it’s perfect.

All of my food pieces have a hand-rubbed finish, first with mineral oil and then with Mrs M's Board Butter.

FLASH: I just completed 23 of these. Look for pictures & inventory to be updated in the next 48 hours!