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Mr M's Woodshop

Garlic Dipping Board

I created these Garlic Dipping Boards as yet another unique serving piece ... that wanted to be on Mrs M's dinner table.

The standard boards are 7" x 16" x 3/4", and come with a shaped depression on one side that's perfect to hold one of the Great Garlic Graters that are made by a local potter and good friend, Nicole (see her other work, here). The graters come in 2 shapes: hexagonal and square.

You choose the board you like, and then you can choose the Great Garlic Grater to match, or not match.

Grate your garlic, add olive oil and spices to taste, and you've got a great appetizer with your favorite dipping bread.

If you're in the mood to flip your dipping board, then you've got a curvy board that's perfect for appetizers, or ... it's your board, it's your meal. You get to choose!