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Mr M's Woodshop

Entertainer's Delight

If you never have enough serving pieces, ethen I've got a good package for you! Six different serving pieces will help you deliver a well appointed table at your next shindig.

You'll receive:

  1. Garlic Dipping Board, with a hexagonal Great Garlic Grater, regularly $55
  2. Charcuterie Board, regularly $65
  3. 5 Section Server, regularly $75
  4. Large Serving Piece, regularly $85
  5. Cracker Thing,  regularly $35
  6. Cheese Slicer, regularly $45

Normally $360 when purchased separately, you'll save $35 for a package deal of $325. Plus, you'll receive a free Board Care Kit to take care of all of your new boards!

Note that I'll be hand selecting the boards for you, so they can be coordinated ... or not. When you complete your order, please use the notes section to give me any guidance on what colors you want the pieces to be (so, light, dark, stripey, or whatever). Also, please note the color of the Great Garlic Grater that you would prefer.