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Mr M's Woodshop

Signs Of The Times

I started making these signs as decoration for my booth at craft fairs, and immediately discovered that people wanted to buy them.

Who knew? I certainly didn't.

I make signs that are about Food, Family ... and Booze. That seems about right for the times that we're in.

The signs have 3D-carved letters that are filled with paint, and then coated with a lacquer finish. Signs come complete with wall hangers already attached.

Here's a list of the signs in alphabetical order, with sizes shown:

A Banana Is 80 Calories..., 9"x16", $45

Age Is Of No Importance..., 12"x16", $50

Always Carry A Flagon..., 11"x12", $45

Being A Family Means You...,14"x15", $60

Bless The Food Before Us..., 10"x16" $60

Coffee - The Favorite Drink..., 9"x12", $35

Definition: Chicken,  13"x10", $45

Definition: Coffee, 14"x11", $45

Definition: Deviled Egg, 14"x9", $45

Definition: Foodie, 14"x13", $45

Definition: Pig, 14"x10", $45

Definition: Steak, 14"x10", $45

Eye Chart: Wine, 12"x16", $75

Family, 12"x16", $75

In Wine There Is..., 12"x15", $60

Laughter, 11"x15", $50

Most Of Life's Problems..., 8"x11", $30

Never Delay Kissing..., 15"x10", $45

One Tequila, Two..., 10"x12", $45

People Who Love... 11-1/2" x 11-1/2", $40

The Answer Is Beer..., 12"x10", $50

The Only Time To Eat..., 10"x16", $45

Too Lazy To Peel Fresh?, 8"x12", $30

'Twas A Woman..., 16"x9", $45

Why Limit Happy..., 12"x9", $50

When You Really Want To..., 15"x11", $50