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Mr M's Woodshop

Personalized Cutting Boards

I make a lot of wedding and anniversary presents. When a gift wants to be personal and unique ... there's nothing like a name and date carved into the board to accentuate the importance of the occasion.

I make cutting boards that are personalized on the front edge of the board, or on the back of the board.

The front or facing edge of an edge grain board can be carved with the names of the couple and date, or perhaps just with their last name. This carving must be done on a single board before it is glued up with the rest of the boards in the final laminated assembly, so carving must be done during construction of the board. I'll need a minimum of 3 weeks, if not more, to deliver boards in this style.

Any board, even a finished board, can be engraved on the back with the couple’s names & wedding date. A disadvantage, though, is that the boards that are currently finished are already branded with my logo on the back. That random bit of commercialization makes the personalization not as good, I think. I would prefer to make another board & engrave it with the personalization only ... meaning, again, I need 3 weeks minimum to build the board.

Please select the size & style of board that you want. Edge grain boards are the "stripey" kind. End grain boards are the one with "lots of squares." Note the front edge personalization is not possible with an end grain board due to the way they are constructed.

In the notes, write what color(s) or wood(s) you want the board to have, and what the personalization needs to be. Include the key date you need the gift, please. I'll respond with an email back to you confirming the details, and then get to making sawdust.

Finally, I can ship direct to the recipient if you prefer. I will be happy to include a card from you with the gift, just tell me what you want it to say!