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Mr M's Woodshop


I didn’t know surfboard-shaped cutting boards were a thing until I listened to a customer.

Listening. That’s an important thing.

By listening, I’ve learned that just about everyone in SoCal knows a surfer. And when they know a surfer ….

I’ve had senior citizens in the booth tell me that the cutting board in their hand is designed “just like” the surfboard they rode, way back when. And that’s a good thing, in my humble estimation.

Some people use these for cutting; others use them for serving pieces. Some just think they’re fun & want to have them around.

I’ve finally come to terms with it: I make wall art for some people.

So, I may try and be of use to people, but some people just want me for the eye candy.

And who could possibly object to that?

These surfboards come in 3 sizes. The small and large boards are fish tails; the medium surfboards are flat bottoms. They are designed for 2-sided use, and have my traditional food-ready, hand-rubbed finish of mineral oil and Mrs M's Board Butter.

Sizes are:

  • Small, 7" x 15"
  • Medium, 8" x 18"
  • Large, 9" x 19"