Who Still Uses Clipboards?

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeIt’s far from my # 1 request … some even say they’re outdated.

When you look up “clipboard” online … all of the articles are about copying & pasting. There’s a desire for a clipboard to be on smartphones. Everybody’s talking about how to use your clipboard.

But no one is asking how much paper they can hold.

In this case, the rated capacity is either 1/2″ or 1″.

I certainly don’t know how to use it with your smartphone, though.

I’m making clipboards in 3 sizes: note pad, letter and legal size. Costs are $30 – $60, depending on size and wood selection.

2 replies

  1. I love my clipboard I purchased at St Charles Church last year. I use it at time.Would like to get more of them for my coworkers. Where will you be in the next few weeks so I may find you?
    I would be willing to come to your workshop to purchase them. PS love my cutting board also


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