Chess Boards

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThey were consistently my # 1 request at craft shows … so I decided that making them was easier than answering the question several times a day!

Boards have at least 2″ squares and a 1″ contrasting border surrounding the playing area. The border is 1″ thick, and does have non-marring rubber feet underneath to ensure a steady surface for the games.

Most of the boards have the playing surface set slightly proud of the frame – meaning that the playing surface is elevated above the frame by a small fraction of an inch. After all, shouldn’t a chess board stand proud?

Finished boards are about 18″ square, but do vary somewhat based on the edge treatment.

Now that I’m making chess boards … my # 1 request has become for chess pieces. And no, I don’t make those, which are properly the province of wood carvers.

Chess boards cost $75 – $150 depending on size, frame treatment and wood selection.

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