Cutting Boards: Restoration

It’s important to understand the essence of what an object is. Why does an object exist? What is it for?

What’s a cutting board?

Literally, a place to cut. A thing to protect that which you don’t want to cut. You cut on the cutting board so you don’t cut on the counter. So your knife does not become dull.

The board exists to be cut upon.

That’s not a bad thing … it’s the essence of the cutting board. Be happy for the board when you cut on it: it is serving its purpose. It’s keeping your knives sharp. It’s protecting your counter.

In this particular case, 2 cutting boards were given as presents 3 months ago, and both came to me for restoration. What can be done?
I can fix some of the damage that had been done to the boards … but I will not forget why the boards exist. After I restore them, they will be cut upon again. And that’s a good thing.


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