Cheese Boards

Cheese and Wine 1Cheese boards become the center piece of many fine dinners in our home.

A few cheeses, some crackers, some summer salami and a few olives … exquisite.

In my view, cheese boards are too light weight to be used as cutting boards … though there’s nothing wrong with using a small board like these to slice a tomato or quarter a lime. On the other hand, however, some of these small boards do include “ring porous” woods that I don’t recommend for cutting boards: oak and hickory. But, to each their own. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using these boards for cutting … but I would suggest you grab some cheese and enjoy a nice leisurely meal. Your mileage may vary.

All of the boards that I create have routed finger holds and non skid rubber feet held on with stainless steel screws for long life.

Prices vary with the size of the board, the woods selected, and the complexity of the construction. As shown, these boards cost $30 – $60.

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